Hey gorgeous! I’m Sharla! I’m a San Diego based boudoir photographer, single mom of two, lover of burritos, coffee, and all around boss babe. My mission is to help women gain back their confidence, put pieces of themselves back together, break the lies they tell themselves, and help them get their sexy back. 


Boudoir isn’t just for someone’s significant other. It is something that can help single women and women in a relationship alike. 


I see boudoir as healing. It’s raw. It’s intimate. And it’s empowering. In the hour I spend with a client, I see all levels of emotion. I see the moment of absolute uncertainty. Of terror. Of shock. Of awe. Of wonder. Of happiness. And finally, of realization. The realization that she is doing this, she is overcoming her fears, and she is everything she never thought she could be. She is real, she is perfectly imperfect, and that is everything to her. That moment of empowerment truly transforms the broken, the hurting, the struggling. She becomes a completely different woman. It gives her a voice. She is whole. 


To each of you who is hurting, who is struggling, who is doubting herself, who is broken. I want you to know that I see you. I hear you. I was you. And just like I am, you are so much more than that. Your boudoir session will allow you to be completely reborn from the ashes of your past. When you’re ready to regain that control of your life, of your thoughts, and of your views of yourself: I am here.


If you're still with me, I wanna give you a big high five.  Let's talk.