Photos That Tell Your Story



Fort Worth, TX 

Photos That Tell Your Story

So I hear you've been looking for a down-to-earth, able-to-bring-your-vision-to-life photographer who prioritizes even the smallest of details for your sesh... who might also be a clumsy caffeine fiend and curses a little too much. Guess what!

 You've found your gal.

I'm so happy you're here.

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Recently having relocated to the beautiful DFW area, I'm a native San Diegan (I know, I'm basically a unicorn... we do exist!), single mom of two cute blonde sassholes, and lover of books, burritos, coffee, and country music.

As soon as I arrive at a session and begin shooting, I feel like I have arrived home - and I so want to share that passion with you.
I can't wait to be your photographer!

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Photo by K. Loreth Photography

Nice to meet you, babe. I'm Sharla - Your Boudoir & Fine Arts Portraiture Photographer in
Fort Worth, TX.

Lanora Ronée Photography is absolute magic behind the camera."

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Lanora Ronée Photography is your one-stop shop when it comes to photography. I offer a wide variety of portraiture services in Dallas-Fort Worth with experience in several different genres. From boudoir to maternity to engagement to family, whether you're looking to build back your confidence through boudoir, or freeze a moment in time with your family... I'd love to be your photographer.




From our clients

I can't believe that's actually me! It looks nothing like how I see myself! I just showed my husband a sneak peek and he said, "That's how I always see you." You literally captured the best parts of me and the part that my husband sees all the time. That's exactly what I asked for and boy, did you deliver!!! This is so incredibly empowering!!!

Sharla is simply amazing! From the beginning to end, she has offered endless support, advice, and guidance. Her experience and professionalism shines through and she is an absolute dream to work with. Not only is Sharla incredibly good at what she does, she's also a great person. Her photos are out of this world and she truly captures the moment. I can't thank her enough for doing such a fantastic job and look forward to having her photograph.

You brought my confidence out 1934635% more than I expected. I'm blown away - like.. that's not me, but it is. Just book with Sharla, dammit. No regrets will come with booking.

It was so EMPOWERING. I looked at this picture and thought “who is that?!? How come I never see her? I wanna be like her!” And when I realized what that meant... I definitely let out some tears. That woman is the me I want to be. I want to be everything she represents. Confident. Fierce. Humble. Beautiful. Bad Ass. Classy. Fearless. All of it. And I want to see myself that way. I want to stop comparing myself to other women and just work on getting closer to the best version of myself

Loved, loved, LOVED Sharla - she was awesome!!! Very patient, people person, fun and pleasant attitude. Her service is above and beyond, and I will absolutely be recommending her to everyone.

Sharla showed up 15 minutes early to our shoot, which was great with having a newborn! She was able to efficiently get fantastic photos of our newborn. She was very flexible with the ever changing attitude of our baby, and made sure that we had time for all of our poses and outfits.
Will definitely use her again!

Sharla was very professional. easy-going, and had a workflow that made the session easy and fast. Such an amazing experience, and she was so great with the kids! She was incredible to work with, and I'm looking forward to more shoots with her.   

I LOVE Sharla. She’s funny, charismatic, and will make sure you’re not uncomfortable during the shoot. She’s a complete professional and if it’s your first time doing boudoir, she won’t make you feel shy about your body. You’ll be happy with your experience with her.

I was so nervous before I even booked my session but after I spoke to Sharla, I was nothing but excited. She made me feel so confident, comfortable, and beautiful. I will absolutely be booking more sessions with Sharla and I can't wait.

Sharla took our proposal and engagement photos and was an absolute joy to work with! She was so much fun and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire day. She even got on a gondola with us to capture the vision we had for our shoot. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional that you'll love spending the way with!

I actually felt sexy and I honestly hadn't felt that way for years because of excess weight gain. Sharla made me feel confident and beautiful, like the sexiest woman alive. Just do the shoot, don't worry about the extra weight you may have, you will feel beautiful no matter what size!