I'm so glad you're here, babe. If you're on this page, that means you're looking to book a boudoir shoot, find out what it means, and how it works. Don't worry - I've gotchu. Take a peek down below to read all about our Boudie Experiences, what to expect, and even watch some BTS vids of how I work with one of my Brand Ambassadors!  And of course - if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to drop me a line. Can't wait to meet you! 


My client is the every day woman - she doesn't have modeling experience, but she might have in the past.  She may be married, but she might also be single, divorced, or separated.  She may have a kid, she may have 6... or she may be the independent woman who chose to travel and focus on her career instead of having children. 

But most importantly.. she's a survivor: whether it be of cancer, of domestic violence, of a rough upbringing, of addiction. She's a stay-at-home-mama, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a nurse, police officer, customer service representative - a working woman.

My client is the woman who does so much for everyone else around her, that it's so fucking hard to imagine doing even something small for herself.  She's you.

Who are my clients?

Sure, they're an amazing reason to book a boudoir session.  But that's not all you'll get out of it.  When's the last time you truly took a moment to pamper yourself? To take a few minutes to relax, to let life stop for just a moment, and to truly take the time to take care of yourself? 

If you're anything like me... you probably can't even remember.  And that's precisely what my job is during your boudoir session: you get to stop, breathe, relax... and enjoy. 

It's not just about the sexy photos.



45-minute photo session in studio
Professional hair & makeup with lash application
Client closet access
Professional image retouching
Private reveal session

The Session Fee


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The Boudie Experience



Full digital collection
Little Black Book Album
Everything included within the session fee

The MiniExperience


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Full digital collection
Luxury Album in Keepsake Box with 2-Image Folio
$250 credit towards keepsakes
Everything within the session fee
AND 45 extra minutes! 

Every single boudoir session comes with an over-the phone or in-person consultation, access to our client closet, hair and makeup with our on-site MUA, professional image retouching, a photography session... and your complete, digital gallery. Your digital gallery will include a minimum of 60 amazing high-resolution images, and you have the option to add on an album or other luxury keepsake products provided you really want to display your images in the right way. If all of this sounds great, and you're ready to book your boudoir session or simply want to learn more, please fill out the contact form below. 


Let's talk about your

Signature Album with Acrylic Cover Upgrade for $250**

Luxury Add-Ons

Pre-Session Facial

with complimentary Dermaplane Treatment & Brow Waxing


with complimentary "Event Booster"

*To take advantage of one of these offerings, please mention during our consult or after you've booked!

Because you fucking want to.

You're single, and want to reclaim your confidence.

You're getting married, or are celebrating an anniversary.

You reached a goal... and you want to celebrate.

Reasons to book a boudoir session:

At Lanora Ronée Photography, our primary goal is to provide you with a completely personalized experience from start to finish. Let's face it. It's nerve-wracking to think about getting undressed and posing in front of someone you've never met - especially if you struggle with self-image as so many of us do. We're here to change that,

Every boudoir session takes place in our very own Unleashed Studio, right in the heart of Colleyville, TX and housed within Spa on the Square. At the Spa, you have complete access to a vast array of female-owned small businesses that specialize in luxurious personal care, including permanent makeup, spray tans, lash extensions, botox and filler, facials, and even waxing. While not every service is available with your boudoir session, we offer a wide variety of package options in which you're able to receive your choice of spa services when you're ready.

So... Why should you choose me as your boudoir photographer?

Finally, it's session time! Your session is paid for, and it's time to come have some fun in studio and make magic with me.

Come in & Make Magic


After booking your experience, we then discuss pre-payment plan options and prepare for your session!

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We'll have our phone consult - during which we'll laugh, we'll joke, we'll curse, and we'll discuss every single aspect of your vision, and get to planning the PERFECT fucking experience.

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The first step to booking your boudoir session is to fill out a contact form. You'll hear back from me almost immediately to get your consult scheduled!

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The Process

Take a peek at the experience through some of our BTS vids! 

Behind the Scenes

I always suggest bringing one or two outfits that you KNOW fit you like a glove; however, I also offer a client closet (hello lingerie addiction) and my questionnaire you fill out will help me to pull the right sizes!

What should I wear? Do I need to bring outfits?

Girl. I've GOTCHU. This is my area of expertise, and I can promise you... by the end of your sesh you WILL be a model. I handle everything from the pose to your face, hands, feet and even your hair. And the best part? I have experience posing bodies of all sizes and shapes. You're well on your way to being a supermodel already.

I'm not a model! I don't know how to pose.

Only if you want them to be! Every single client gets the chance to review my privacy agreement and sign based on their comfort level. You don't have to have your images posted anywhere! YOU are in control.

Will my photos be all over your website and social media?

Once you have your session, I get home and start the culling and editing process! You receive the very best photos from your sesh - I get rid of dupes, out of focus, and start editing.  From there, you'll receive your full digital gallery via a private, password protected link within 3 weeks!

What's the process to receive my images after my session?

YES BABE! I doooo! With that said, they're not required for your session and are an amazing add-on! I work with a fine arts lab in Europe to create the very best, most magical luxury keepsakes for you to admire those images for years to come.

Do you offer albums or prints?

You know it.  I have the most amazing, in-house flexible payment plans that make your sesh an absolute fucking breeze. When you're ready to participate in one, just let me know! We'll have a quick call to go over all of the deets.

Do you offer payment plans?

Frequently Asked Questions


You brought my confidence out 1934635% more than I expected. I'm blown away - like.. that's not me, but it is. Just book with Sharla, dammit. No regrets will come with booking.

It was so EMPOWERING. I looked at this picture and thought “who is that?!? How come I never see her? I wanna be like her!” And when I realized what that meant... I definitely let out some tears. That woman is the me I want to be. I want to be everything she represents. Confident. Fierce. Humble. Beautiful. Bad Ass. Classy. Fearless. All of it. And I want to see myself that way. I want to stop comparing myself to other women and just work on getting closer to the best version of myself. 

I can't believe that's actually me! It looks nothing like how I see myself! I just showed my husband a sneak peek and he said, "That's how I always see you." You literally captured the best parts of me and the part that my husband sees all the time. That's exactly what I asked for and boy, did you deliver!!! This is so incredibly empowering!!!

I LOVE Sharla. She’s funny, charismatic, and will make sure you’re not uncomfortable during the shoot. She’s a complete professional and if it’s your first time doing boudoir, she won’t make you feel shy about your body. You’ll be happy with your experience with her.

I was so nervous before I even booked my session but after I spoke to Sharla, I was nothing but excited. She made me feel so confident, comfortable, and beautiful. I will absolutely be booking more sessions with Sharla and I can't wait.

I actually felt sexy and I honestly hadn't felt that way for years because of excess weight gain. Sharla made me feel confident and beautiful, like the sexiest woman alive. Just do the shoot, don't worry about the extra weight you may have, you will feel beautiful no matter what size! 

from our clients

Love Letters 

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Additional fees may be incurred in the event you need to reschedule. The non-refundable retainer fee can be split into two payments, with $250 due upon booking to reserve the session date and remaining $250 due 14 days later. The remaining session fee balance can be split into a variety of payment plan options; however, the full balance is due 14 days prior to your session date. Session availability is first-come, first-serve based on the return of both the signed contract and retainer fee. All sales subject to Fort Worth sales tax rate of 6.25%. Prices are non-negotiable and are subject to change without notice. Current pricing will be honored at the time of booking, provided a signed contract and retainer have been returned. 


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