In-House Payment Plans

One of the scariest parts about investing in a photo session is the cost associated with it. Because of this, LRP is excited to offer convenient, no-interest pre-payment plans that can be utilized for both your session as well as keepsakes. The best part about your pre-payment plan is that, by the time you arrive for your session, the stress about paying for your session will be gone!

When participating in a prepayment plan, not only will you receive 10% off the total cost if it's paid off prior to your scheduled session date, but you have the chance to add on several different bonus options that aren't available to ANYONE ELSE!

So.... how does this work?

 • Your payment plan can be started once your contract is signed and your nonrefundable retainer fee of $500 has been paid in full.
 • To participate in a payment plan, there is an initial down payment of 25% due. This is separate from the nonrefundable retainer; however, you can use it for either your experience or a keepsake purchase or both! Once your non-refundable retainer fee is paid in full, you are able to then split that remaining balance into however many payments you may need prior to your session.
 • There are three different payment schedules you can choose from: weekly, biweekly, or monthly. It simply depends on what you are the most comfortable with!
 • When choosing to participate in a payment plan, you must be comfortable providing two forms of payment: a primary as well as a secondary. The primary card will be set onto auto-pay with scheduled, set due dates that will be easily found on your invoice.
 • In addition to participating in a prepayment plan, you also receive the opportunity to cash in on some pretty rad bonus options provided you pay off your total prior to your session! (keep scrolling to learn more)
 • We also accept PayPal credit for purchases, in addition to debit and credit cards. When choosing to utilize this option, please let me know BEFORE heading to pay for your experience: your invoices will be generated directly through PayPal. If you'd like to see if you qualify, you can do so directly by visiting the following link: apply for PayPal Credit here.

What's the fine print?

 • There will be two different contracts you will need to sign when participating in one of our in-house payment plans.
 • All payment plan payments are non-refundable and on auto pay - even if you choose to cancel your session.
 • Provided your payment does not go through and you are unreachable via email after 2 weeks of failed payment attempts, your payment plan will be cancelled.
 • If your payment plan is cancelled, you will owe the remaining balance in full 14 days prior to your session date.
 • Provided the remainder of your payment plan is not received 14 days prior to your session as indicated within your signed contract, your session will be cancelled and you will be waiving all payments.
 • No keepsake products will be ordered and no digital files will be released until your full payment plan has been resolved.

Now for the fun part.... 








When you participate in a pre-payment plan for your session, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of bonus add-ons at no additional charge. These bonuses are not available for clients who choose to decline participating in a payment plan; instead, they must be purchased at the indicated value. To see the different options available, keep reading:

5x5 Little Black Book ($1000 value)
BoudieDeck ($500 value) 
Mobile App with images ($250 value)
Accordion Book with 7 ($500 value) 
BoudieViewer ($350 value)

Option 3:

Angel Wings ($500 value) 
"Shower" set ($250 value) 
Portrait session with 5 complimentary images ($500 value) 

Option 2:
Specialty Sets

Get an extra makeup look ($150 value)
Add on an extra hour! ($250 value) 
50% off next session ($250 value) 
Personal Shopping Experience ($150 value) 

Option 1:
Session Add-Ons

When you want to participate in a payment plan, I'm happy to hop on the phone with you to explain it all in detail! However, the easiest way to explain in writing is: we create a payment plan that occurs prior to your session date, in order to ensure you can come to your experience and not even worry about affording it! You can choose a monthly, biweekly, or weekly payment plan based on whatever you are comfortable with.

What is a Pre-Session Payment Plan?

You can choose to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for your payment plan. You're even able to start your payment plan the day you book your session! Payments vary based on the experience, payment schedule, and length of time, so please make sure to schedule your consult if you're interested in details!

What are the payment options regarding paying for the Session Fee?

No, we do not offer payment plans after the Boudoir Session. Payment plans are only available between the date of booking and the session date.

Can I get a payment plan after my session?

We accept cash, credit/debit, PayPal, PayPal Credit. We do NOT accept checks. For Payment Plans, it must be credit/debit or PayPal Credit.

What types of payment do you accept?

All sales are final. While keepsakes are not a required add-on, if you do choose to make a purchase of one of our fine arts keepsakes, you will be required to sign a Final Sale agreement during our Ordering session. We also cannot make changes to your order once it has been completed.

All sales are final.

You know it.  I have the most amazing, in-house flexible payment plans that make your sesh an absolute fucking breeze. When you're ready to participate in one, just let me know! We'll have a quick call to go over all of the deets.

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